About Charlotte

Charlotte Almond is an impassioned coach and mentor who has a strong history of career success and well-founded life experience.

Charlotte’s professional career began in 1996, when she joined a business oriented graduate scheme at Ernst & Young. While with this Big 4 Consulting organization, she worked with a diversity of clients and projects. This ranged from developing the management information suite of a small fish products manufacturer in Aberdeen, North East Scotland to supporting one of her FTSE 100 clients through a corporate collapse and directing the delivery of multiple outsourced internal audit plans.

Clients spanned financial services, healthcare, oil and gas, utilities, insurance, professional services, hotel chains and more, with Charlotte running projects in countries such as Norway, Germany, Denmark, Indonesia and Malaysia.

While there, she participated in talent schemes, which provided a significant boost to her self-development and access to some exceptional mentors. However, Charlotte realised that partnership in a Big 4 firm was not her true aspiration. Unearthing her passion for connecting with people and making a positive difference to their lives, she became an active and committed coach and mentor.

In 2003, Charlotte became a Business Risk Consultant for GlaxoSmithKline’s global internal audit team. Immediately drawn to this highly cohesive, professional and quality oriented team, she delivered successful outcomes on a broad range of projects collaborating with senior leaders on projects in Nigeria, Russia and China.

Not long after this, she met her husband and they moved to Melbourne. She was offered a role at ANZ and again rose through the ranks to an executive level, running a team that delivered audit for one of the bank’s major divisions and was again selected for talent and leadership programs and extensive development. Charlotte involved herself in recruitment for the sheer pleasure of meeting people and to be able to have in-depth conversations to gain an understanding of who they are as well as their strengths, challenges and motivation.

By 2009, Charlotte found that while she had achieved great career success, she was unfulfilled and her resilience and wellbeing were suffering.  With the support of her boss, she created a new role for herself to focus on the people there with a ‘real life in our world’ outlook rather than a ‘HR’ perspective.

As part of a global team of around 150 people, she drove a broad range of national and international programs that included coaching skills, conflict resolution skills and personal resilience. Charlotte was the person people came to for advice when navigating challenging situations.

Her greatest satisfaction arises from guiding and empowering such people so that they blossom in their careers, gain confidence, wellbeing and insight.

Now an independent executive mentor and coach, Charlotte relishes working one-on-one with talented corporate executives and senior leaders, creates a safe and supportive environment and conducts in-depth conversations that stem from ‘hot topics’ to achieve a balance of immediate results and long-term direction and fulfillment.  Charlotte finds immense power in facilitating small coaching groups, particularly high potential women, to work through the situations they face and guides them to achieve their goals as well as build empowerment and perspective. She has also developed a suite of guided meditation, focussed attention and visualisation exercises to support leaders in success, mental clarity and stress management, including getting a good night’s sleep.

She believes that each situation we face in life is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and about others, plus build the skills and perspective that help us live and lead with authenticity, respect and success. Charlotte helps people embrace the ‘learning gym’ of life and get the most from it.

Charlotte’s qualifications and professional memberships include:

  • MA Honours degree in Philosophy, University of Cambridge
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (recipient of the three major prizes)
  • Currently completing a Masters in Transformative Studies (OASES Graduate School)
  • International Coaching Federation
  • Institute of Executive Coaching Level Two Coach

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